Modern Design


ThinqMagic-Modern Design

Design is not just glossy buttons and wireframes...

Design plays an important role to perceive a product. It is a way to stir emotion and at the same time influence spending and buying habits, and tell most important story- the story of a product, a service, and a business. We have expertise in wireframes, visual design and UI/UX that can help create and foster the “Identity” of a business or product. We can help you convey the message.


Wireframe communicates layout of a page without keeping you caught up in color and design. We deliver rapid design iterations based on your input.

Logo Design

Our design team’s logo captures, essence of your company/product and leaves a lasting impression. We understand the message your brand wants to convey.

User Interface Design

We create innovative concepts and workflows to form foundation of a successful User Interface, defined in simple yet pleasing way to interact with your product/service.

User Experience

UX is not UI. UX is done based on research and understanding of consumer. It involves, discovery process, detailing of features, copy writing, and user testing.

Technologies We Work On