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We Are Awesome

We create robust user interfaces for dynamic applications and websites by developing front end languages including CSS, HTML, plus JavaScript to create interactive GUI elements including buttons, menus, icons, multimedia graphics (branding, logos & animations), and more.

Responsive and adaptive web development plus hybrid & native mobile app programming for use of fully functioning applications across disparate mobile devices, operating systems, plus browsers.

We provide scalable & robust web development services across all domains: hospitality, medical, real estate, finance, retail and many more. We specialize in designing powerful database and eCommerce websites.

We develop Content Management Systems to integrate socialmedia, newsletters, user logins, wordpress and customizable content. We design creative and engaging branding solutions that lead to increase revenues.

We build custom mobile apps according to your unique needs and requirements. Whether you are a start-up or an established company - we can help you extend your web or enterprise based applications to a mobile platform.

Our dedicated team of designers and UI experts will work with your team to make sure the apps are designed to be intuitive and beautiful.

Gain expert insights across a wide range of online marketing channels. We develop and integrate best-of-breed applications, full-suite marketing systems, and customized features.

We engineer custom workflows and automate marketing processes with specialized programming solutions and lead generation for each stage in the customer lifecycle.

What We Offer

Enterprise App Development

ThinqMagic excels and has a stable practice in consulting and developing scalable enterprise solutions.

Internet Scale Solutions

Internet is huge and successful. We are experts in designing applications beyond the enterprise and into the internet scale of architecture.

Product Engineering - DevOps

DevOps has become an extremely overloaded term, it has started to mean anything and everything. We have tried to define what DevOps means to us.

Digital Outreach

Mobility is no longer niche area it’s a requirement for any modern application be it an enterprise solution or an internet based application.


A User-Focused Approach to Increasing Brand Visibility. We will help you increase your search visibility, and grow organic traffic to your Digital properties through fully customized short and long-term optimizations crafted for your unique business goals.


ThinqMagic's objective of quality assurance is preservation of assets, provide a set of artefacts to reassess quality on demand and reports which provide a measurable and dimensional views to effort employed by assets.

Technologies We Work On